Amagambo y'ingenzi (Important words and phrases)

Genocide ni iki? (What is genocide?)

Itegeko (law) Amategeeko (laws)

Indangamuntu (ID card) ID example "Ubwoko (Hutu , Tutsi, Twa, Naturalis)"

Gutsemba (exterminate)

Gufata kungufu - new (post-1994) word for "rape"

Itsembabwoko (from the two words Itsemba (from the verb 'gutsemba' - to exterminate) and ubwoko (clan, ethnic group) )

Ibyitso (traitors) an accomplice is icyitso, two or more accomplices are ibyitso.
traitors, "Tutsi sympathizer"

Itsembatsemba (mass killing, to kill again and again).

Ibyaha ku kiremwamuntu (crimes against humanity)

Ibyaha by' intambara (war crimes)

Inkotanyi (warrior) The word was used by the RPF for its fighters after 1990.

Interahamwe (militi group associated with the ruling MRND Party)

Inyenzi (cockroaches) Perjorative word used for the RPF and later for all Tutsi people

Kalinda - the royal drum. In the Hutu power ideology it symbolized the oppression of the ancient Tutsi monarchy and the humiliation of the Hutu.

Radio Muhabura - RPF radio

Panga (a kiSwahili word for machete)

Radio Television Libre des Milles Collines (RTLMC), which translates in English to "radio of one thousand hills."

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