The Fifth Biennial Conference of

The International Association of Genocide Scholars

will be held June 7-10, 2003

Irish Human Rights Centre, Galway, Ireland

The International Association of Genocide Scholars (IAGS) welcomes proposals for papers and sessions dealing with a variety of related themes including: the role of "bystander" and "accomplice" states and organizations; issues of denial; the role of the mass media; children and genocide; evaluations of intervention; the role of international criminal tribunals, international law and truth commissions; after-effects for victims and their communities; and prevention strategies including early warning systems, education and other methods. Papers may be focused on events of the past, contemporary issues, or prospects for the future.

Participants are encouraged to put together a group of papers as a theme panel. Abstracts/Panel Proposals are due by January 15, 2003. Please send 2 copies (maximum of 500 words) or E-Mail Attachments in Word of proposal with a 1-2 page resume before January 15, 2003 to: Professor Robert Melson, Department of Political Science,Purdue University, 1363 Liberal Arts and Education Bldg, West Lafayette, Indiana, USA 47909-1363 e-mail: FAX 765-494-0833

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For information on membership in the International Association of Genocide Scholars, please contact Steve Jacobs, IAGS Secretary-Treasurer, at POB 861693, Tuscaloosa, AL 35486-0015, e-mail:  FAX 205-348-6621
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