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8 March 2004


 Action Against Genocide - Alerts

Violent attacks on Civilian Populations in Darfur, Sudan. Read Human Rights Watch's Darfur in Flames: Atrocities in Western Sudan report (2 April 2004) and the Institute for the Study of Genocide (ISG) alert Government of Sudan Targets Civilians in West Sudan (24 Mar 2004)

“Today is the Day of Killing Anuaks” Crimes Against Humanity, Acts of Genocide and Ongoing Atrocities Against the Anuak People of Southwestern Ethiopia A Genocide Watch and Survivors’ Rights International Field Report 25 February 2004 On this website read News Monitors for Gambella Dec 2003 - February 2004 and Gambella July 2002 - November 2003

Politicide Watch for Zimbabwe: 20 February2002
Genocide Watch
has declared a Politicide Watch for Zimbabwe. We call on governments to protest not only President Mugabe's new restrictions on civil liberties, but also to demand, in the strongest terms, that ZANU-PF dismantle and disarm its Youth Brigade militias, and that the Zimbabwe Army brigade be withdrawn from Matabeleland. President Mugabe must be put on notice that if political or genocidal massacres are committed by these militias or by elements of the Zimbabwe armed forces, he will be held personally responsible. 2002 News Monitor for Zimbabwe
(News From 2001)

Chechnya: "A serious potential for the eruption of mass violence." The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience has placed Chechnya on "watch" status, indicating that "circumstances indicate a serious potential for the eruption of mass violence. "Watch" status constitutes the first level of three "graduated categories of urgency." The Committee's concern stems from: 1) Past persecution of Chechens as a people, 2) The demonization of Chechens as a group within Russian society, 3) The level of violence directed against Chechen civilians by Russian forces. Details are available at http://www.ushmm.org/conscience/chechnya/chechnya.htm

"Genocide Risk Alert": Afghanistan  20 June 2001 The International Campaign to End Genocide (ICEG) issued a "Genocide Risk Alert" on June 1, 2001 condemning the decision by Afghanistan’s Taliban to force Hindus to wear yellow cloth markers to set them apart from Muslims. ICEG considers the mandatory symbolic marking of targeted groups to be one of the most ominous warning signs of potential ethnic cleansing or genocide.The Taliban have demonstrated their capacity for genocidal violence in massacres of civilian members of the Hazara Shi’ite ethnic minority in Mazar-e-Sharif in August 1998, Robatak Pass in May 2000, and Yakaolang in January 2001.

"Genocide Alert": Genocidal Massacres in Indonesian Borneo  28 February 2001 The International Campaign to End Genocide (ICEG) has issued a "Genocide Alert"for the Kalimantan region of Indonesia. "The Dayak mobs clearly intend to destroy part of the Madurese ethnic group. They are committing genocidal massacres. If they are not stopped, they will succeed in committing genocide. They are also using the genocidal massacres as a terror tactic for ethnic cleansing, another crime against humanity."
"Genocide Warning" for Sudan  15 November 2000 The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum's Committee on Conscience has issued a "genocide warning" for Sudan. Details are available at http://www.ushmm.org/conscience/sudan.htm According to their website, a "genocide warning" constitutes the second level on their three-level "graduated categories of urgency".

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